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2100 Bloor St West #4 Toronto, Ontario M6S 1M7

Bike Service & Repairs in Toronto

Whether you have a new bike that needs some regular maintenance Whether you need a flat tire fixed, a tune-up or something more complicated, we have a full service workshop here for all of your needs.

Regular Maintenance

In a way, a bike is like a car. It needs regular tuning up and tightening to make sure that it runs at its best. We offer tune-ups and service at competitive rates to help you keep your ride in top shape.

Installing New Add-Ons

Did you just pick up a wireless computer? Or a rear rack or basket? It can seem daunting to try and install these new toys on your own. Have one of our mechanics put it on your bike for you. Doesn't matter how simple or complicated the installation is, we can handle it!

Advanced Repairs

Did you just pull out your long forgotten bike out of the garage after a 10 year break from cycling, only to find it in shambles? Or did you have a mishap that snapped your chain or bent your wheel? We will do our best to bring any battered bike back from the dead and get it in working condition once again.

Come by the shop and have one of our experienced mechanics take a look at your bike today for a free quote!

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